Why With Us?

We specialize in hacking networks, systems, applications and devices. We offer a comprehensive set of both offensive and defensive cyber solutions through our world-class research capabilities that are focused on finding technology flaws.

Why with us?

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Scans your website at regular intervals to determine if hackers have injected malicious code on your site. Speed is important here, we will detect the malware even before Google knows about it and backlists your site.


Our set of tools automatically monitors your site uptime. If the site goes down or become unavailable an immediate notification is sent to our team who can quick actions.


We take backup of the entire site once a month. The backup includes all database and the source code. All these are securely stored.

Our Skills

Web Development
Testing Services
Technical Optimization


Security is an ongoing process. The fact is that your systems and applications and the world of technology they operate in are changing all the time Tranchulas can monitor and manage your security infrastructure.


Make sure your application code is clean before product launch - without hiring consultants or installing more servers and tools.

We find the vulnerabilities in your custom and third party applications before they can allow malware in. We prioritize your issues so you know what to fix first, and our industry-low false positive rate means results you can trust.

Our exploration and manual analysis of your web applications to uncover security gaps and identify exploitable vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and technical flaws.

Database Security

DB's are the most compromised assets. They are heart of any organization, so it’s very important to protect these at any cost. When an attacker gains access to db they can damage it or expose it.

With help of periodic monitoring, the attacks on the db can be minimized to an extent. Auditing helps us to find the flaws & vulnerabilities in the existing structure & fix them with proper solution.

We will analyse your database (such as: MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.) and check its configuration, security features, access rights, system and object privileges and many more.

Server Optimization

If you feel your websites are slow or you are getting big server loads due to traffic, then it is time to tune your server application.

Do you know a well optimized server will get more than 50% speed compared to its original state? So you may need to install, configure and optimize the server well.

We will check your server applications and enable/disable services according to its usage. All useless services will be stopped. We will configure them and increase your server speed and responsiveness overall.

Meet The Team

We are not claiming to be the best web security startup. However, we can share with you the things that we value.

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Clients Say About Us

Why Hire Us?

We are not claiming to be the best web design company. However, we can share with you the things that we value.

Customer Satisfaction

We are happy if we see our client’s happy. We Offer real-time reporting including visibility of productivity and compliance by user, domain and actions, top trends as well as customer report builder.

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Technical Optimization

You know that your organization needs better protecting against insider threats and data theft - but do you know how to achieve that? We will design the right solution based on your company’s specific needs.

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Cloud Services

Helps you determine the right solutions for your organisation to make sure nothing bad comes in and nothing good leaves. Enjoy database and server backups by our professionals. Your IT staff can focus on your users, not your servers.

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Database Protection

Protect your website from SQL injection. SQL injection gives hackers access to your website and customer database.

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Reputation Management

We Scan and protects your website from landing on search engine and email blacklists with monitoring and reputation management.

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File Change Monitoring

Deep website scans tell you when any file on your website changes, giving you full visibility to all of the activities on your site.

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